Top 6 Attractions in Israel you Must Visit

Israel is a beautiful country. There are some great tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Many people think of it as a pilgrimage destination. But apart from lovely churches and mosques, there are important historical places as well. The country has abundant natural beauty also. If you plan to visit Israel then here are the top attractions you shouldn’t miss.


The Dome of the Rock is the iconic landmark of this old city. The city has great religious significance. You will find many religious sites that are worth visiting if you are a believer. There are museums to explore and ancient sites to see that have been conquered by kings over the years.

Dead Sea

You must have heard about the famous Dead Sea. It is a natural wonder and the lowest point on the earth. The water is very salty and rich in mineral. Due to the denseness of the salt, it is said that no one can sink in the Dead Sea. It is surrounded by the Great Rift Valley.

Sea of Galilee

You will be able to view lovely countryside that is rich in history. The place is of significance to the Christians as it’s the place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. There are hot pools in Tiberias and lovely place for hiking. There are some beautiful lakes too. You can go for a hillside hike or swim in the sea or lakes.


It is a northern city of Israel. The Baha’I Gardens is a must-visit place. There are lovely green terraces down the hillside. The sea at the bottom looks amazing. You can go to places like Nazareth, Akko, and Megiddo from Haifa on a day trip.


This is a major pilgrimage destination of the country. If you are a Christian then it’s an important place to visit. This is where Jesus Christ was raised. There are lots of churches here.


It is a harbor town is a major port. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful lanes going to the sea. Ships used to dock here. If you are looking for a place to spend a nice afternoon then you can hop around the coffee shops here and do some sightseeing.

Israel is a country packed with attractions. If you are religious and love history, then this is the place to visit. Full of natural beauty and historical sites, Israel attracts lots of tourists every year. You should make plans and book your ticket and hotels beforehand in order to avoid the rush. You will have a great time in this beautiful country.