7 Tips for Going on a Desert Trip

Deserts are beautiful. You will find a desert in Israel, Africa, Europe and some parts of the US also. A desert trip is different than other trips. You should take certain preparation before going on a desert trip. Here are some tips for you.

Take plenty of water

You should take lots of water with you. The weather can be dry and less humid. Your body will need lots of water as the sun will shine on the desert. So, you will need to drink water all the time in order to remain healthy and strong. You can keep facial mist as well to keep yourself cool in hot desert temperature. You should make sure that you have a number of water bottles stocked in your car.

Take layers of clothes

The temperature in deserts can fluctuate often. In the morning you may find the weather cold and in the afternoon it might turn very hot. So, it is better to take layers of clothing including shirts, sweater, windproof jacket, etc.


Your skin can be affected due to the harmful ray of the sun. So, you should protect your skin using sunscreen. You should carry one in your bag all the time.


You should take sunglasses with you for protecting your eyes from the sun. The sunglasses will also prevent any sand particles get inside your eyes.


You should take flip flops for comfortable walking along the desert. If you were open sandals then small rocks can get inside the sandal and make you feel uncomfortable. Your feet may get burnt due to sun’s heat if you wear sandals. Covered shoes will also be a hassle to wear. Therefore, flip flops are the best choice in this case.

Take some food

You might have to walk in the desert for a long time before you will find a restaurant. So, you should pack some dry food and other items so that you can eat whenever you are hungry.


A hat can protect you from sunlight. It will keep your head cool and you will have a less chance of having a headache. Yoy will be able to walk comfortably in the desert.

Unless you take all these things with you, your desert trip can turn into a nightmare. Desert is a place where you will hardly find anything before miles of walking. You should make sure that you are healthy and strong when you are on a desert trip. So, pack these items in order to have a comfortable journey in the desert.