7 Interesting Conflicts, Customs and Traditions in Israel

Israel has a unique culture. They are one of the oldest civilizations and they have lots of traditions as well. As a tourist, you will be astonished to know some of these traditions and customs. Politically, they have been in conflict with Palestinians for many years. Here are some interesting facts for you to know.

Gaza conflict

The Israelis fought for the control of Gaza for many years. A lot of people lost their lives during the conflict. Finally, in 2005, Israel had to leave Gaza as the Hamas took over it.

Bicycle day

Once a year in Yom Kippur you will get to ride a bicycle on the road freely without worrying about any traffic. It’s a sight worth seeing as you will see many bicycles on the road. Cars or other vehicles are not allowed on that road that day.

Memorial siren moment

There is a national siren on the Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day. On these two days when the siren is blown everybody stands and bows their head in silence for two minutes. No matter whether they are at home, driving or walking on the road, they will stop what they are doing at that time. So, if someone is driving, he or she will stop the car, get out and stand still in respect of those who died.

Clapping when Israeli plane lands

Whenever the El Al flights land on Israel airport, people clap. This has been a tradition for many years. They do it as a gesture of safe landing of the plane.

Passover time

Passover is a great celebration in Israel. The Jewish people meet with friends and families and there is a feast in every house. But during this time it’s forbidden to sell any leavened goods. So, you won’t find any bakery items like bread during the time of Passover. If you are a non-believer then you should stock up bread well before Passover; otherwise, you will be out of bread.

Drinking coffee

The people in Israel drink coffee in a small glass. Some people keep on boiling the coffee for a long time before adding sugar and drinking. Others bang the coffee glass on the table a couple of times for the coffee beans to get settled. They call this ‘Café Shahor’.

Cash or check as wedding gift

When someone close gets married, the Israeli custom is that they give cash or a fat check as a gift. The closer the person is, more amount of cash or check is given to that person as a wedding gift.

All these customs and traditions are unique and the people have maintained these for years. So, when you visit Israel and come across these traditions, don’t be surprised. In fact, try to do things in their ways while you stay there.