7 Interesting Conflicts, Customs and Traditions in Israel

Israel has a unique culture. They are one of the oldest civilizations and they have lots of traditions as well. As a tourist, you will be astonished to know some of these traditions and customs. Politically, they have been in conflict with Palestinians for many years. Here are some interesting facts for you to know.

Gaza conflict

The Israelis fought for the control of Gaza for many years. A lot of people lost their lives during the conflict. Finally, in 2005, Israel had to leave Gaza as the Hamas took over it.

Bicycle day

Once a year in Yom Kippur you will get to ride a bicycle on the road freely without worrying about any traffic. It’s a sight worth seeing as you will see many bicycles on the road. Cars or other vehicles are not allowed on that road that day.

Memorial siren moment

There is a national siren on the Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day. On these two days when the siren is blown everybody stands and bows their head in silence for two minutes. No matter whether they are at home, driving or walking on the road, they will stop what they are doing at that time. So, if someone is driving, he or she will stop the car, get out and stand still in respect of those who died.

Clapping when Israeli plane lands

Whenever the El Al flights land on Israel airport, people clap. This has been a tradition for many years. They do it as a gesture of safe landing of the plane.

Passover time

Passover is a great celebration in Israel. The Jewish people meet with friends and families and there is a feast in every house. But during this time it’s forbidden to sell any leavened goods. So, you won’t find any bakery items like bread during the time of Passover. If you are a non-believer then you should stock up bread well before Passover; otherwise, you will be out of bread.

Drinking coffee

The people in Israel drink coffee in a small glass. Some people keep on boiling the coffee for a long time before adding sugar and drinking. Others bang the coffee glass on the table a couple of times for the coffee beans to get settled. They call this ‘Café Shahor’.

Cash or check as wedding gift

When someone close gets married, the Israeli custom is that they give cash or a fat check as a gift. The closer the person is, more amount of cash or check is given to that person as a wedding gift.

All these customs and traditions are unique and the people have maintained these for years. So, when you visit Israel and come across these traditions, don’t be surprised. In fact, try to do things in their ways while you stay there.

7 Tips for Going on a Desert Trip

Deserts are beautiful. You will find a desert in Israel, Africa, Europe and some parts of the US also. A desert trip is different than other trips. You should take certain preparation before going on a desert trip. Here are some tips for you.

Take plenty of water

You should take lots of water with you. The weather can be dry and less humid. Your body will need lots of water as the sun will shine on the desert. So, you will need to drink water all the time in order to remain healthy and strong. You can keep facial mist as well to keep yourself cool in hot desert temperature. You should make sure that you have a number of water bottles stocked in your car.

Take layers of clothes

The temperature in deserts can fluctuate often. In the morning you may find the weather cold and in the afternoon it might turn very hot. So, it is better to take layers of clothing including shirts, sweater, windproof jacket, etc.


Your skin can be affected due to the harmful ray of the sun. So, you should protect your skin using sunscreen. You should carry one in your bag all the time.


You should take sunglasses with you for protecting your eyes from the sun. The sunglasses will also prevent any sand particles get inside your eyes.


You should take flip flops for comfortable walking along the desert. If you were open sandals then small rocks can get inside the sandal and make you feel uncomfortable. Your feet may get burnt due to sun’s heat if you wear sandals. Covered shoes will also be a hassle to wear. Therefore, flip flops are the best choice in this case.

Take some food

You might have to walk in the desert for a long time before you will find a restaurant. So, you should pack some dry food and other items so that you can eat whenever you are hungry.


A hat can protect you from sunlight. It will keep your head cool and you will have a less chance of having a headache. Yoy will be able to walk comfortably in the desert.

Unless you take all these things with you, your desert trip can turn into a nightmare. Desert is a place where you will hardly find anything before miles of walking. You should make sure that you are healthy and strong when you are on a desert trip. So, pack these items in order to have a comfortable journey in the desert.

7 Things you Should Do in Israel

Israel is a beautiful land where you will find mountains, beaches, and dessert. There are ancient cities to explore and lots of activities to do. If you like adventure, then there are plenty of things to do in Israel. Here are some of the things you can do during your stay in Israel.

 1. Visit a Bedouin camp

It will be a very exciting experience for you to stay in a Bedouin Camp. You will get to live in a desert, meet a Bedouin family, learn their culture, eat their food, listen to their stories, and lots more. It will be a unique experience for you.

2. Ride in a hot air balloon

If you are looking for some fun then you should take hot air balloon ride.  You can wake up early in the morning and view the sunrise from a hot air balloon. You will also be able to get a good glimpse of the dessert from there. It will be a breathtaking experience.

3. Take a boat tour to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a very popular destination in Israel. You can have a good look at the sea by taking a boat tour there. You will love the amazing tour of the waters that have been a wonder to many people around the world.

4. Buggy riding in Maktesh Ramon

The Maktesh Ramon is a huge crater formed due to tectonic plates. You can explore this place by buggy or ATV. It will be a great ride and you will have a lot of fun. You will love the bumpy ride and enjoy the landscape.

5. Jeep Ride in the Negev Desert

It is a huge desert across southern Israel. It is a wild and dry desert. It is impossible to cover the desert by walking. So, you can take a jeep tour and cover as much of the desert you can. While you ride in the jeep, you can learn about the history of the desert from local tourist guides.

6. Hike in the Avdat National Park

This national park holds the remains of Avdat, which is one of the oldest cities. You will have a great time exploring the World Heritage Site. You will be able to see the ruins of ancient villas, caves, churches, and many other things.

7. Relax on the beach in Tel Aviv

It is a 9 miles long beautiful beach. The beach is very well organized and there are facilities like outdoor shower restrooms, etc. for the tourists. You can rent a chair for relaxing on the beach. You will find lots of restaurants and cafes lining the beach area. You can surf on the sea or watch the surfers from the beach. It is a perfect place to see the sunset.

Israel is a great place to spend a holiday. There are so many activities you can do. You should try out these activities on your holiday to Israel.

6 Essential Things to Pack When you are Going on Vacation Abroad

Going abroad for luxury vacation and hiring a luxury car rental in a posh place like Geneva can be fun and exciting. You will be visiting a new place, meet new people and experience a new culture. Traveling abroad takes a lot of preparation. Here are some of the essential things you shouldn’t forget to pack when going abroad on vacation.


You should check out the weather of the place you are traveling to. You should pack according to the number of days you are going to stay there. You should try to take a minimum number of clothes; otherwise, your luggage will become heavy and you will have a hard time carrying your luggage and moving around. You should try to reuse your clothes; for example, you can wear the same pant for a couple of days and only change the shirt. If you are traveling to a cold region, make sure that you take jackets to protect yourself from cold.


Though you will find some of these in hotel bathrooms, you should still carry your toiletries bag. It should contain your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving kit, dental floss, and other necessary items.

First aid and medicine

You should have a first aid kit with you. You should take the necessary ointment and medicine for burns, cuts, etc. You can take insect repellents as well. Band-aid, cotton, antiseptic cream, etc. should be in your first aid kit. You should visit your doctor before leaving the country and get a prescription of the required medicines that you need to take. Apart from that, you should take the general medication for fever, flu, headache, stomachache, etc.

Passport and papers

You should keep your passport and necessary documents in a separate bag. Before leaving your house make sure that you have the travel insurance and other documentation that must be presented at the airport along with your passport. This is especially important if you intend to hire a luxury car abroad, like a Ferrari rental in Rome.


You should make sure that you take your essential electronic gadgets with you, like your mobile, laptop, chargers, camera, batteries, memory card, adapters, etc. You shouldn’t leave these things for the last moment. Everything should be inside your bag at least the day before you travel.

Cash and credit cards

You should create a budget when you start planning the trip. You should take enough cash with you and take your credit cards as well for emergency cases.

Before you start packing things make sure that your suitcase is of the right size. You should check out the condition of your suitcase, like the zipper and wheels. You should pack your things according to different categories so that you can easily take things out when needed. You should pack smart so that you can have a comfortable trip.

8 Foods you Need to try During your Visit to Israel

Eating local food is a big part of traveling. When you visit Israel, you should definitely try out Israeli food. But there are many immigrants in Israel and these people have brought their country tradition to Israel. So, the food you get here actually originated from Arabic, African, European and other origins. Here are the top foods to try in Israel.

1. Falafel

This food originated from Egypt but is a very popular food in Israel. It is a mix of chickpeas and fava beans. Some spices are added. The falafel balls are inserted in a pita. It is served with salads, sauce, and hummus. Sometimes chips and pickled vegetables are also added. You will find this food in restaurants and streets.

2. Hummus

It originated from Lebanon. It is a dip made of crushed chickpeas. Lemon, garlic, tahini sauce and olive oil are then added. It can be eaten as a main dish or a side dish. This food has very high nutritional value.

3. Shwarma

It is a popular street food in Isreal. Slices of chicken, turkey or lamb are cut from a large slab of meat from a rotating spit. The Turkish Doner Kebab is prepared in a similar way. These are stuffed in pita and hummus, salad, pickles, tahini sauce, etc. are added.

4. Jachnun

This food is only served as a breakfast menu on Saturday. It is made of dough and contains lots of margarine. It needs to be cooked overnight for about 12 hours. It is served with boiled egg and grated tomatoes.

5. Shakshuka

This food originates from the Arabic world. It contains garlic, onions, tomatoes, and some spices. Poached eggs are placed over it. The food is a bit liquidy, so you need to be careful when eating.

6. Bissli

This dish is similar to fried pasta. It is crispy and delicious. It is served with onion, falafel, etc. Though you can get it in various flavors, the barbecue and grill flavors are very popular.

7. Knafeh

It is a delicious Israeli dessert. It is kind of a cheese pastry that is soaked in sugar syrup. It is often flavored with orange or rose water. You can add chopped pistachios to it.

8. Tahini

It is used in many dishes as a sauce. You can add this in hummus, shawarma, or even salads. It contains nigella seeds. It is a basic ingredient in many Israeli dishes. You will find tahini sauces often with the dishes you order in a restaurant in Israel.

These foods are very delicious and widely available in restaurants in Israel. You will love the distinct taste. You can have these for your lunch, dinner or even breakfast. During your visit to Israel, you should definitely try out these wonderful dishes.

Top 6 Attractions in Israel you Must Visit

Israel is a beautiful country. There are some great tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Many people think of it as a pilgrimage destination. But apart from lovely churches and mosques, there are important historical places as well. The country has abundant natural beauty also. If you plan to visit Israel then here are the top attractions you shouldn’t miss.


The Dome of the Rock is the iconic landmark of this old city. The city has great religious significance. You will find many religious sites that are worth visiting if you are a believer. There are museums to explore and ancient sites to see that have been conquered by kings over the years.

Dead Sea

You must have heard about the famous Dead Sea. It is a natural wonder and the lowest point on the earth. The water is very salty and rich in mineral. Due to the denseness of the salt, it is said that no one can sink in the Dead Sea. It is surrounded by the Great Rift Valley.

Sea of Galilee

You will be able to view lovely countryside that is rich in history. The place is of significance to the Christians as it’s the place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. There are hot pools in Tiberias and lovely place for hiking. There are some beautiful lakes too. You can go for a hillside hike or swim in the sea or lakes.


It is a northern city of Israel. The Baha’I Gardens is a must-visit place. There are lovely green terraces down the hillside. The sea at the bottom looks amazing. You can go to places like Nazareth, Akko, and Megiddo from Haifa on a day trip.


This is a major pilgrimage destination of the country. If you are a Christian then it’s an important place to visit. This is where Jesus Christ was raised. There are lots of churches here.


It is a harbor town is a major port. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful lanes going to the sea. Ships used to dock here. If you are looking for a place to spend a nice afternoon then you can hop around the coffee shops here and do some sightseeing.

Israel is a country packed with attractions. If you are religious and love history, then this is the place to visit. Full of natural beauty and historical sites, Israel attracts lots of tourists every year. You should make plans and book your ticket and hotels beforehand in order to avoid the rush. You will have a great time in this beautiful country.